Upgrade Complete

I just finished migrating my site to mephisto. There might be a few rough spots left to smooth out, but all of the old content that people were actually viewing should available at the same urls, although some things have new homes that should be reflected in the links. If you find a problem please let me know. I’m using a slightly modified version of scribbish, which is one of my favorite basic themes. I had actually ported scribbish for use with Mephisto on my own, but DeLynn Berry released his port yesterday! We used remarkably similar approaches, but since his version encompasses sribbish trunk, I used his version and “back-ported” my changes. Thanks DeLynn!

My motivation for doing this was to make it easier for me to write content, so the plan from here on out is to add some new articles and information that I have laying around in various unfinished states.

published 18 Oct 2006 #